is an sort of great and power entity from the furthest far of the Evil Land, and the metaphysical male-gestation of all thing that is a cancerous in the world. ☣ in generally takes the the form of that blue cunt from show about spong man. It enjoyed to do an evil like many evils in of the land of evil that is Evil Land. ☣ is a very bad yes.

☣ was banishing back to the way far away super evil bad part of the evilest evil of Evil Land's evilest lands of evil where he now reside in evil bad, but then it comm bacc. ☣ is concurrently in the Dwaia (Lamp) at larg .

how becomming Edit

☣ was creat by the Bone Lord SKELBONE at the year 343101 BP in very mysterious process which is knew as boning. It is life porpose was to spread as many cancers and autisms as possible throughout the world of Dwaia.


>>12754600 And once the maggot was in Sigrid's dress, it wiggled down around her breast and down her waist, over her hips and into her panties. Sigrid could feel it wiggling around, but she was too busy dodging the barrage of maggots from Katia to take care of it... It was just a worm, after all, it couldn't hurt her, she thought. But soon, she could feel it wiggling around her soft cock and her fat, well cared for balls. It was distracting, but Sigrid couldn't let herself get pelted with more worms, and so she ignored it. It wasn't until she felt the worm squeeze into her pucked foreskin that she really began to worry. She stopped worrying about Katia to pull her dress off and try to rip the worm away, but she was just a second too late... By the time she had her cock out the worm had squeezed into her urethra, and was wiggling it's way down. Sigrid squeezed at her shaft and tried her hardest to force herself to piss to try to get it out, but it was no use. Katia merely laughed as she watched, for Katia knew what would happen next. It didn't take long for the maggot to find it's way into Sigrid's scrotum, where it quickly began to feed off of the woman and lay it's eggs. A week later, Sigrid too was a mother to thousands of wiggling grey larva.

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how destruccting Edit

After a many times and a long waits, ☣ grew bored of the the Evil Land of Evil and yearned to spread cancers in the world beyond, so it embarked on an exposition. An raft maked of fire, wasps, and pain carried ☣ all the way from Evil Land to the shores of East-north-west-south Grassia where it found a luscious and pristine world of grasses and pleasants. It also found a egg. A notable spheric egg.

Eat egg.

Egg is spheg.

Then it began one of the most severe Grassacre in the history. Immediantly, the grassian grass that had surround ☣ became a hot and began to do an ouch too all the cows nearb. Soonly the ground am become lava and fire like Evil Land as it was very flame. The ☣, who was at that time is was in the form of being a the Blue Cunt, make screeche like ostrige as he summon many badders and nogooders to the flaming grassia who all went off into the grassy grass hills of grass and did many bad and evil thing like spit on the ground, give harsh criticism, intentionally jaywalk, and park in two parking spots at the same time.

The mighty ☣ grassacre was lasted for a many day (it was like 4 whole day) before the Boise, Idaho were succeed of controlling the destroy. Also they acquire ☣. There's a drawing that was planned to go right here under the character infobox but then it never got drawn and it would be a nice if that could still be done thanks azai.

why wording are starng Edit

☣'s exibit cognitohazard proprietarys in the form of watermeloning all word that is about ☣, renderizing it Hungry and broke?

We've got a cookbook for you, millennials Edit

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