Azaius Botatio ("Azai" if you are a friendly) is an omnipotent god but he doesn't really do anything. Sometimes he fuck shit up because he is cool and edgy like that, but usually he lurks in the shadows, but then he is still a cool and edgy. Sometimes he just does impossible things just for the lulz, like solving a sudoku, and extracting the Toilet Paper Core. It is said that he secretly controls the King Dwaius of Dwaia, or perhaps even that he is the him himself.

Some of his powers include:

  • everything

His God Form is a purple and black with green stripes and red glow and very blue scythe which is neon yellow. But when he enters the universe he uses his Corporeal Form, usually a cool potato, in order to not attract attention but still stay cool.

While his is a very strong, and so he could easily join the BOI, he does not, because he does not agree with their philosophy, and also he is too cool.

He was last seen chewing a bubble gum in a dark alleyway in Smegville.
Azai destroys the universe

Azai saving the universe by extracting the toilet paper core as no mortal could do.