Bukamen (also referred to as "Kamulosoare", "Dehumanizees", "Blendermen", "The PFU" or "друг" depending on your Dwaian state) are small populations of people who live in the remote areas of Dwaia, away from the "Commontrash" as they like to say. What makes them stand out are their skills in Assonomy, Penismancy, and (Literal) Shitposting.

Bukamen don't identify as a nation of people since their communities are decentralised. They partake in many activities which are abnormally common amongst them, including:

  • Switching their OS to Linux, or even TempleOS to a lesser extent
  • Uninstalling Minecraft to replace with Minetest
  • Creating/altering mods of Minetest and other programming endeavours in general
  • Hacking
  • Listening to Synthwave
  • Watching Green Elephant Calf
  • Writing interrupt routines and compilers
  • Drawing circles and other complex shapes
  • Shitposting in Blender
  • Using incognito mode
  • Intentionally mispelling the word "penis" with "penor", which has now been identified as a memetic effect (see, Enusology)

The only ability they have not been able to learn is egg laying. Why are they unable to achieve this is probably to do with the fact that egg laying in itself requires a master's degree in shape-shifting instead of just one or two subcategories of it. However all one might need is a sphegg, you never know...