A cow is the ultimate killing machine, able to consume many many blades of grass over the course of a day. This ability has led them to ravage the lands of Grassia many times, in events known as Grassacres. Unfortunately for Grassia, the power of the cows only becomes exponentially greater when they consume the spheg, which is hidden at random in Grassia.

Despite their frequent consumption of Grassia, cows are actually native to the land of Cowboland. Though it should be noted that Cowboland is defined as the area of Grassia which has been completely chomped down to a wasteland.

Cows are easy to recognize because they kinda look like cows.

There is a subspecies of intelligent cows, which seeks to get a hold of the spheg. Their goal is to use the power of the meme juice to establish peace among grass and cows, as well as to make themselves into humanoids, because the cow body is extremely inefficient at science and the arts. Sadly, the stupid cows are way better at acquiring sphegs, because they far outnumber the intelligent cows, and also because their stupidity aligns them with the sphegs' meme chakras.