Cowboland is a land to the North-East-South-West of Dwaia, home to the Cowbos. It is an arid land filled with deserts, dust swamps, derby dungeons, and general dryness.

Wildlife Edit

Cows & cows & cows

Cows & cows & cows

Fig 1: The cows of Cowboland morphing, an activity they like to do when they are not grazing. Some are actually smart enough to learn that they can consume the grass more efficiently by morphing, though they can not do this indefinitely.

All it is is fucking cows...

These cows usually spend their time migrating between Cowboland and Grassia eating the grass as they travel. This casues an 'el nino' effect as all of the grass is eaten in one area it recovers in the other, what is left is stripped earth and shit cow which in turn fertilizes the soil, speeding up recovery.

One concern that has been raised due to this is the spheg since it resides within the grasslands of Grassia, it is feared that if a cow accidentally swallows it the cow will extract it's meme juice via natural process of digestion and turn into a Cowboi. In order to prevent this, each time the cows migrate back to Cowboland, concerted efforts must be made to find and retrive the spheg before the cows migrate back, one must be sure NOT to extract it's juice otherwise the process will have to be redone.