A land stained white, where all unused cum goes through the power of the cummy crystal. All cum will be first dumped out of the cummy crystal to the great cum dump which is a big lake. Cum seeps through the lands to a certain point at which it stops due to the cummy crystal. The shape of the the land has been described as a dick with the lake being found at the balls. There is also an inactive volcano, which contents is suspected to replace with cum, at the tip. Many of the most powerful monsters can be found around the great cum dump and the further away you get the weaker monsters you’ll find. While most people would believe that this land would smell like a shithole and be completely rancid, that is not the case as the cum magic keeps the cum fresh. The cummy crystal also siphons all the impurities out of the cum, leaving only 100% pure cummies that can't be found anywhere else. The land has has been described as having surprisingly sweet smell to it. The weather is cummyland is quite odd as it appears to be snowing quite often despite it not being cold enough. This is simply not the case, as it is in fact always raining with you guessed it, cum (kids don’t stick your tongue out for this stuff.) So you may be asking yourself why does this land even exist two words, monster girls. While not an issue in the past after the arrival of Spatakiller the monster girl population meet a great increase. To combat the large amount of rapes by monster girls cummyland was made.