Demimoz (not to be confused with Demi), a.k.a. Hans, is an undead faggot, who made a pact with Lucie Pherr to have a cool apartment in the 3rd circle of Hell. (Unlike Skel who just simply refused to die, thus becoming undead). Demimoz was allegedly seen abducting women and children in the Great Garden of SoDOMY. When exposed to harsh sunlight, Demimoz can sacrifice 3 nuns and a german shepherd in a jumper to gain fire resistance.

Weapon of choice: "SMEGSON Grope-hit 69", his trusty MIDI (Magical Incredibly Deadly Instrument) keyboard with keys and knobs and all that jazz.

Demi and DemimozEdit

Demimoz was declared to be a demi demi by the Cult of 9 , after they needed an explanation for the nature of 9. Everyone else, including the Cult of 8 and Demimoz himself, refuse to accept Demimoz as a demi demi, and say its just a coincidence.