Eggo is the moon of Dwaia. It is the shape of an egg. It is made of sponge, and is hollow except with cogs and pistons in it. The sponge is made of very strong and pulls all the water on Dwaia toward it. Because Eggo is stuck in a squaral orbit around Dwaia, it is perpetually in the west, causing countries further to the west to be wetter and more surrounded by oceans, while the countries to the east are dryer. A similar effect occurs with Japaleno, Dwaia's sun, which is perpetually in the south, causing the south to be hotter and the north to be colder.

Sometimes Eggo has a bad day, and then everything smells like egg for a while. But usually it's bearable.

It is rumoured that the moon is actually a conspiracy by the government of Eggoslavia. I think maybe they just really like eggs and the moon is propaganda or something.