Description Edit

Enzyme-Sigma is a Mechian soldier fitted with a high powered Guass Rifle, Advanced Power Armor, and Super Autism.


Enzyme-Sigma was born in a small Mechian village about 10 miles away from the Mechian capitol Mek. His childhood is unitresting and boring. When he was nearing his one thousandth birthday he signed into the Mechian army and quickly cemented himself as a strong leader and a superb combatant, earning him the nickname 'Smegma' among his peers. 

Enzyme-sigma has been a crucial member of over 250,000,000,000,000 combat missions to date and has been awarded more medals than any Mechian soldier in Mechian history. Due to this, the king of Mechia, Mechillionis has granted him the highest rank in the Mechian army; Ten Million Star General. However, all of this glory did not come without a price. Near the end of the 6,042nd Golbi Campaign Enzyme-Sigma absorbed the blast of a quantum thermo-nuclear device, saving more than 10,000 Mechian divisions but his mind and body were permanently split between 12 10 dimensions causing spoderfication of the body. His brain developed a sizable quantum tumor giving him Super Autism along with a generic strain of dickass. It is said, however, that Super Autism can be honed by alinging the 77th chi to develop it into an offensive weapon but he has yet to succeed at this. 


  • Enzyme-Sigma has never touched his face
  • Smegma is a cream that congiels around Honor Fruit
  • Enzyme-Sigma has never allowed an enemy to escape dead
  • The 6,042nd Golbi Campaign was Enzyme-Sigma's latest war
  • He once ate an apple, it was okay