The other flag of Evil Land.

Evil Land is a place to the south of Dwaia where many a evil guy live. They like to do a bad, because they are corrupted by their ruler, SKELBONE. But really, some of them could even become Bois, if they changed their ways. Ples, if you're reading this dad, we have calcium here too.[citation needed] You can become a good Boi.[disputed] [citation needed]

There is always a giant fire going on in Evil Land, which has resulted in many kills. But somehow, SKELBONE is only made stronger by the pain. The country of Evil Land actually runs on a fire economy, as the need for fire fighters is kept artificially very big. Every so often someone invents a new way to create and spread fire, resulting in the government resigning, mass death, depopulation, mass extinction, and an economic boom.

Evil land is dotted with Bone Caves, which produce eerie ambience when someone is within.

History Edit

Evil Land became it's own country after the deportation of SKELBONE at age 3 where he assumed the role of ruler. The population has steadily grown since then from deportation of bad bois and generation of other evil creatures such as Spooks and Ghouls; you know, those fuckers from Fallout 4?

Famous inventions: Edit