Gen'ral is the biggest village in southern Dwaia (Land). It is almost entirely populated by Humans. It is situated between two mountains, with a nice river running through it. The nature surrounding Gen'ral is generally described as lushious and beautiful. It isn't unusual to find a few campers in the woods who want to get closer with nature.

Gen'ral has everything a large rustic village needs: a sawmill, chickens, sweetcorn, shops, guards who can tell funny jokes, local pizzarias and a fuckton of inns and bars. Gen'ral was nominated number #2 best village to live in, only beaten by Goodvile.

Places to visit Edit

Meadstead (1st inn) Edit

Owned by Rickwald Von Mead

If you have ever played SkyRamMyAss you know exactly what this inn looks like as it is designed after that. Stone walls, wooden beams, coal pit in the middle and lots of homebrewed mead. Only citizens over the age of 18 are allowed in here, which excludes 70% of the population of Gen'ral.

Meadstead The Second (2nd inn) Edit

Owned by Dickwald Von Mead

This inn was built when Dickwald Von Mead, the son of Rickwald Von Mead, became angry with his father because he wouldn't let him become heir to the inn after he ate a fish of immortality. The inn itself is a total copy of the first Meadstead, except this one's age restriction is 16+ so only 40% of the total population is excluded. Also they don't even serve mead because Dickwald Von Mead is a pussy who doesn't like mead.

The Sawmill Court Edit

In the beginning the sawmill was created for building purposes, and because the owners had read somewhere that all old villages had sawmills. When they found out that bricks were a much better building material than wooden beams, they decided to expand and build a courthouse ontop of the sawmill.

Today the courthouse sees official government use. The only downsides is that every 5 minutes every court-goer is deafened by the Loud as fuck sounds from the sawmill. An example of the court's use is the case of Duane who insulted a guard by refering to him as "Fam."