The Golbi Empire is a council run Empire located in the southern deserts of DWAIA. Contrary to Mechians they believe that man's purpose is to create a being to surpass them, this endevour has lead them through tons of technological advancement. But everything changed when the Mechians attacked. The 1st Golbi Campaign marked the beginning of quintillion years of war and conflict for the Golbi Empire. Through the constant fighting the Golbis finally perfected the art of Artificial Intelligence, creating the first being to surpass man, Jesus . Soon after, the AIs quickly out-lived all humans from the Golbi Empire. In the current era, the Golbi Empire is now populated by self-replicating AIs lead by the first android Jesus of Nazareth . Conflict between the Golbi Empire and Mechia shows no signs of slowing down. 

Cargo starship entering Golbi


Golbi Pylons recharge the androids remotely