Grass is like, a plant, or something? i dont know man. It's green, it's long, and there's too much of it. Shit's all over the place. Especially in Grassia, hence the name. Cows like to eat it. Sometimes something comes along and kills a bunch of grass, that's called a Grassacre. I ran out of things to say about it.

Types of grass Edit

Crispy Grass Edit

Grass that is really crispy. It still tastes like grass, but the crispiness of it is like those really crispy chips you often see in stores.

Ghost Grass Edit

Also called Spook Grass. This grass appears when the soul of the normal grass escapes and lives on, as grass. It is often colder than real grass, and has a cool spectral effect.

Boi Grass Edit

This grass is special to the Boi, and is very rare. Eating this grass is seen as disrespectful and excessive amounts of Boi Grass devouring will