Properties Edit


A sample of Harambium magnified 300x

Harambium is an alloy made from compressing layers of Folded Steel and microscopic gorillas. This element is the most powerful form of the base element earth. It is incredibly strong and lightweight, and can withstand a direct jet fuel blast that would melt any steel beam. However, it has one weakness, when its jimmies are rustled, the metal will vibrate with a harmonious noise known as the Fourth Sound, this severely weakens the internal structure, as the primordial agony is transmitted to the gorillas supporting the compacted steel. The metal can now be shattered by so much as a stray breath.

History Edit

Harambium was invented by Caelus during an extremely long and tedious time trying to refine the base element Earth into its purest form. Eventually it was found that mining the extreme ends of the Te⧺ spire faces produced small amounts of Steel, which could then be processed by ancient and arcane means into Folded Steel.

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