Here's some ways to help expand the lore:

  • Adding one of the wanted pages. These are pages that are linked to a lot but don't exist yet.
  • Expanding and adding depth to short pages. Make sure to check with the creator of the page if you're not sure they're okay with it.
  • Adding links to the dead end pages. A good lore is deeply connected. Make sure the connections make sense, though.
  • The same goes for linking to the lonely pages from other pages.
  • Add an informative image to one of the many imageless pages. Not all pages need images, of course. Also make sure the image actually adds to the page.
  • Make sure the the most popular pages are up to snuff. Unintentional typos could be embarrassing. (though intentional typos are clearly hilarious)
  • Or check out one of the other insights.