Toe boy

Anatomy of the Hymenoptera Digitidae

Hymenoptera Digitidae is a species of parasitic wasp that are native to Dwaia, more specifically within the [TO BE ADDED] region of the 1st plane.

Life Cycle Edit

Injection Edit

The cycle begins when a mature individual drills a hole into the toenail and injects it's eggs onto the brain cavity of the toe. The wasp manages to avoid detection in this stage due to the anesthetic chemicals within their sting. After that the wasp lays it's eggs into the host, there can be anywhere between 1 to 10 eggs injected at a time.

Hijacking and Immune Suppression Edit

The larvae then begin to burrow into the brain of the toe and then hijack it. This prevents the toe's brain from alerting the host and also suppresses the immune system around the area to stop the host's body from killing off the invaders.

CoNsUmE Edit

Next the larvae start to digest and eat the toe's brain, only leaving the parts of it that keep it alive. They will eat these parts towards the end of the cycle, rendering the infected toe dead after completion. This results in the toe decaying off of the host, becoming the perfect biome to foster bacterial and fungal infections leading to Toetalisis. By this point the only measure that can be take to insure the safety of the host is ampultation.

Maturity Edit

By this stage the larva are now ready to mature, they use the toe skull as a cocoon while they metamorphosise into adult wasps. After which, the host will notice a faint throbbing sensation underneath their toenail as the newly matured wasps try to nudge it open. If the toenail is particularly strong they will then chew up incisions around the cuticle and sides of the toenail in an attempt to cut it off. The wasps then fly away leaving behind the husk of a toe.

Controversy Edit

Amongst toe society many individuals believe that Hymenoptera Digitidae and other wasps in general were in fact manufactured by Evil Land to spread suffering and misery to the other regions. However many have proposed evidence against this with the theory of evolution[1] and the "it's too retarded to be true" attitude.

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