Chanstimanius Block

An early Rennaisance marble bust of the influential Iridessian philosopher Chanstimanius Block. As can be seen from the shape of his head, he was male.

The Iridessian species has so many genders that it needs its own article. (32 in total, plus 5 in the unofficial expansion pack.)

Here's a list of some:

A list of some: Edit

  1. Male. Fairly similar to the human male form, except with cube-shaped face. The reason this is a separate gender is because the head is incompatible with the dodecahedron hole of some of the other genders.
  2. Female. Very similar to the human female form, except with a really long arm. This feature is mainly for hunting. Male Iridessians are ineffective at hunting, because their heads are not aerodynamic, so the females evolved long arms for basically just grabbing prey from a distance.
  3. Very Female. This is basically what you get when you take a picture of a woman and a picture of a man and let a computer extrapolate to 200% woman. They also have 4 breasts but still only 2 nipples.
  4. Cheese.
  5. Light people. Because they're made entirely of photons, they're incompatible with all other genders.