Lucie, or as her friends call her, Luze, is a girl with spunk and a lass with 'tude. She doesn't let anyone boss her around. She's gonna bleach her hair and get tattoos as much as she likes, and she doesn't give a fuck about the consequences because she's already fucking dead, mom. Fuck you. She vapes.

Luze has a whole clique of "girlfriends" equally demonic as her. One of her friends even brought booze to a party one time. Luze and the Gang go crazy because you're only young for one eternity, so you gotta live it up. Go with the flow, man. Smoke some beers. So what if these crazy gals wear socks so short that you can see their ankles? Fuck parents. Fuck authority. Fuck the system. Anarchy.

Luze often has sleepovers with her friends where they discuss the cutest bois, the hottest scene/goth fashion, techniques for writing really shareable status updates, how to best distribute the suffering to all the souls in hell, and the sweetest tablet games on the market, because yeah, she's a gamer girl. Word.

Luze loves to play pranks. One time, she put a fucking jiblet on a spoon, and the mortal realm recoiled for years to come. All her peers totally thought she was cool because of that thing she did, which involves jiblets and spoons. She's hella.