Melvis is weapons merchant, who was believed to born on Speticus Centron; the son of a former Queen and a Mentally Insane Scientist(MIS). Melvis likes to travel around the whole of DWAIA, looking around for places he could visually enjoy, and wars he could partake in, as he loves going on insane adrenaline rushes; this could caused by the fact that his father was Mentally Insane, and loved doing lots of experiments on his own body, which usually led to hyperactivity in his brain.

Melvis has a hobby of creating weapons of every caliber, his most recent being the SUCCULENT LENNY NUKE CANNON, or SUCCLNC for short. The SUCCLNC is a powerful weapon that when it explodes, it sucks everything within a 50km radius. It then proceeds to explode all the things it succed up into white puddles of cum. This weapon has upset many nations that Melvis has visited, with one nation citizen claiming "It's so fucking sticky, that it made my wife pregnant!".

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