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Osseia (/'ɒsiə) Osseanting tingtong ping bonkding-tingtink rattlebonk, officially titled the Skeleton Kingdom of Osseia, and also known as Ossea (commonly misspelled as "Ossia" or "Ossesia" by stupid people,) is an ancient land making up the southeast west northeastern two thirds of The Bone Zone. It is bordered by Boners to the south, and west; Ice to the north; and Hell to the rest. 

History Edit

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Prehistory Edit

Osseia didn't exist yet. 

Bone Ages Edit

The modern territory of Ossea can be traced back to the Bone Ages, a time when an absolute fuckton of Skeletons rose up out of the ground and everybody thought they were going to die horribly, but then the skellies turned out to be pretty nice guys. Near the end of the Bone Ages, these friendly skurls migrated to the mountainous plains of ancient Sikoplia, now modern Bone Zone. The unexplained migration of all known skeletons across the land at once was quite spooky, and thus became known as the Big Spook.

Geography Edit


Politics Edit

Military Edit

Foreign relations Edit

The Ossean government seeks little interaction with neighboring countries, save for the selling of bone-related goods.

Osseo-Bonese controversy Edit

Osseia's got a pretty big beef with Boners, the latter having made claims that the Ossean government is using bonewashing methods to kidnap Bonese citizens by telling them they'll have a better life in Osseia. The Kingdom of Osseia's official response to this claim is "I mean we're not lying," to which Bonese officials have replied "How about we come over there and check for ourselves?" None of them ever returned; a fact generally taken as more evidence of malpractice.

Economy Edit

Ossea is Dwaia's sole exporter of bone related products. Specifically, the country is depended on for materials such as whole bones, bone dust, bone shards, marrow, purified calcium, and a couple brands of carbonated bone beverages. The majority of these products are otherwise prohibitively difficult to obtain for all but the hardiest adventurers.