Introduction or something Edit

Pëter Wölfensperg was a German sniper who fought in World War 2. Despite the loss, he swears on his 10 remaining teeth that Germany won the war. He is prone to 2 week long naps and Pflaumensaft. If you shout to him in English it will cause him to go into a seizure while spinning around like a fidget spinner on the floor, foaming from the mouth and shouting in German for 5 minutes to 2 hours.

He lives in the calm village of Gen'ral as recommended by his doctors as he can lock himself inside and not have to listen to English speaking "Anti-Nazis". The only outside socialization he gets is when he buys groceries at the marketplace and when he attempts to shoot the local kids' heads off from his World War 2 era tudor house he has conviently bombarded to look like it was straight out of Berlin, 1945.

Trivia Edit

  • He bakes a mean German strudel.
  • Excellent landscaper.
  • Loves company, especially around tea-time. (All the time)