Rammsteins are highly intelligent and sophisticated autonomous machines that roam the lands of Autoania.

Hunting Edit

Rammsteins hunt by tracking down and following certain land vehicles, usually starting their attack by ramming the back of the vehicle. Their technique is to roll the vehicle over to render it immobile so that they can attempt to lift it up. Once they have achieved this they then drop the vehicle from a great height, usually about 200-240ft which inevitably results in the vehicle being destroyed. They can then consume it's parts which get scattered around the area from the impact.

If the vehicle is too heavy to lift up then they resort to wearing it down by ramming it, although this can cause damage to them as well.

Trivia Edit

Rammsteins have been known to roll their prey back onto their wheels to roll it back over again sort of like how cats play with their prey. However they only do this if they know their prey has a lower top speed.