"If you want to hear a story it's gonna cost you, ya gay."

Roblin T. Froglin was a well known travelling merchants in Dwaia. Not much is known about him but he was good at telling stories. He was also a killer flute player and was apart of a two-way band called "Frog Bones" they usually played folk songs and heavy post-noise doom transdimentional metal and sometimes über techno.

Apart from his merchant business, he also ran a terrible but workable postal service. In his lifetime he travelled all around Dwaia (world) and made the lives of Dwaia a lot easier.

In late augustia 893 AP he was found on the side of a road, stabbed to death by a big pen0r weapon. He shidded and fardded and came.

The whereabouts of Big Bone Boy and the caravan is currently unknown but it is believed that BB travelled back to Osseia to start a bone-blues band, called the BBB & BBB (Big Bone Boy & Big Bone Blues)