SC🅱-🅱 in it's inactive state.

Item #: SC🅱-🅱

Object Class: 🅱eter

Special Containment 🅱rocedures: SC🅱-🅱 is to be contained to site 🅱, which is an Island southwest of ███████. Regular Interaction by 🅱-class personal is required to keep SC🅱-🅱 contained.

Description: SC🅱-🅱 is an overweight caucasian male with brown hair wearing glasses, exhibiting a variety of abnormal effects.

  • Memetic Compulsion: SC🅱-🅱 referes to itself as 🅱eter, but spells it with a P. All attempts to mimic this spelling by anyone other than SC🅱-🅱 have failed so far. When refering to SC🅱-🅱, the P is changed to a B-emoji in writing and speaking. This effect is always active, even when SC🅱-🅱 is not present.
  • Memetic Infection: Anything that makes physical contact with SC🅱-🅱 is infected with the Memetic Compulsion trait. Random letters in their name will be replaced with B-emojis, although the first letter and already existing b's are prioritized.
  • Transdimensional Knowledge: SC🅱-🅱 seems to have an extensive knowledge and awareness on other timelines and Universes, going so far as to address dimensional travelers with their full name and point out the Univeres they came from. In some instances, SC🅱-🅱 seems to get these facts wrong or mixed up, presumably to toy with it's victims.
  • Distortion: While active, distortions manifest in a radius around SC🅱-🅱, which increases proportionally to the time between activation (1 day roughly equals 15 meters). The area affected by the distortions appear as if they are viewed through multiple layers of lenses or filters. Living Organisms subjected to these distortions seems to slowly degrade until only a highly saturated residue remains, which SC🅱-🅱 seems to feed off of.
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SC🅱-🅱, moments after being activated.

Document # 00🅱: An Interview with SC🅱-🅱.

Subject 🅱-421 makes verbal contact with SC🅱-🅱, thereby activating it's anomalous effects.

🅱-421: Hello SC🅱-🅱.

SC🅱-🅱: Hello █████████ from 🅱-class of the Super Cool Bois.

🅱-421:What does it know my name? This is fucked up!

🅱-421 makes an attempt to flee, but the distortions prevent it from moving.

SC🅱-🅱: Like and share for a free 10-Gold Dwai-shop Giftcard.

The distortions increase to a point where no observations can be made. After 20 minutes, the distortion dissipate. SC🅱-🅱 rests inactive on the ground and no trace of 🅱-421 can be found.