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SC🅱-05 in it's woke state, before being installed in Dr.Venom's office.

Item #: SC🅱-05

Object Class: U Clit

Special Containment Procedures: SC🅱-05 is stored in Dr.Venoms office on site ██. Specially designed coshions are to be fastened to SC🅱-05's legs at all times. The legs themselves are bolted to the floor and bi-monthy inspected for wear and tear.

Description: SC🅱-05 is a wooden chair aquired by Dr.Venom at Dwaikea. Materials and makeup are consistent with other models of it's kind, baring a few construction errors made my Dr.Venom that were later corrected. So far, only two anomalous effects have been observed.

The first anomalous effect activates if a person tires to assemble SC🅱-05 when in it's inactive state. The proccess is described as being more difficult than other dwaikea products. Due to it's current installment, no further experiments can be run on the first anomalous effect.

The second anomalous effect activates when a person aproaches SC🅱-05 with the intent of sitting on it. The chance of stubbing your tow or otherwise hurting yourself on SC🅱-05 seems to be increased significantly (See Document T-71)

Document T-71: Testing SC🅱-05's second anomalous effect. The experiment is lead by Dr.Venom. 🅱-545 is put into a test-chamber with SC🅱-05 in it's active state, awaiting instructions.

Dr.Venom: Please approach SC🅱-05, 🅱-545 🅱-545: Alright, this doesn't look that bad.

🅱-545 procedes to sit on the chair as instructed.

Dr.Venom: What...huh...okay, stand up now.

🅱-545 does as told while Dr.Venom enters the test-chamber, aproaching the chair and stubbing his toe on it.

Dr.Venom: You Clit! See, this is what this thing does. It tricks you. It act's all nice but when you try and actually show stuff, it just...argh...fuck this chair. I'll teach it a lesson!