Item #: SC🅱-09

Object Class: 🅱roke (former DWAI)

Special Containment Procedures: SC🅱-09 is secured a site ██. SC🅱-09 is to be locked using the provided locking Mechanism.

Description: SC🅱-09 is a greenish metal box roughly 2 x 2 x 2 Meters in size, with a set of doors on one of it's sides. The Word "Maedracan" is etched into the side left of the doors. The metal used in its construction can not be found on Dwaia, but Meteors from the Outer Rift have shown to contain small traces of metals identical to this. Although tests have shown that these metals are resistant to rust, SC🅱-09 appears to be heavily coated in rust, possibly indicating an incredibly high age.

SC🅱-09's anomalous effects are activated when something is placed inside of it and it's doors are closed and re-opened. If a Meme or Memetic object is placed inside before closing the doors, the item and anything else inside of SC🅱-09 disappear upon being reopened. According to 🅱-7102, the items are transported into a Desert-type environment, hereby named SC🅱-09-1. Exploration of this environment seems redundant, as communication between Dwaia and SC🅱-09-1 is impossible and transportation back and forth is no longer possible. (See Document M-06).

Document G-89: A list of Items placed inside SC🅱-09, along with the results

Item: A picture of a Trollface.

Result: Vanished without trace

Item: An angry Frog

Result: Vanished without trace

Item: 🅱-7102 spinning a figdet spinner while wearing a pair of white Sneakers and reciting the entire Bee-movie script from memory.

Result: Vanished without trace

██ days later, 🅱-7102 reappears within SC🅱-09 severely dehydrated and malnourished after a routine cleaning. Provided memetic objects did not reappear and questioning reveals that 🅱-7102 has lost all memory related to both the Bee-movie and Bees in general.

After this incident, SC🅱-09 has ceased it's primary anomalous effect.