Item #: SC🅱-12

Object Class: 🅱eter

Special Containment Procedures: SC🅱-12 is to be kept at site ██'s magic Item vault inside a specially constructed cardboard box. Any use of SC🅱-12 by anyone besides King Dwaius himself is prohibited, even to personnel with Level 69 clearance. SC🅱-12's anomalous features have been sufficiently understood, so under no circumstances will further testing be allowed. All personnel of 🅱-class or lower are to be kept away from SC🅱-12 at all costs.

Description: SC🅱-12 is a standard blue fidget spinner made from polyethylene plastic and stainless steel. Despite containing no lubricant, the spinner seems to have no limit as to how fast or how long it can be spun. It was hand-crafted by Arch-mage ██████████████████ of ██████ and was gifted to the foundation by him, which later led to his expulsion from the Arch-mage council. It's anomalous features only take effect when spun. Anyone who holds the spinner in their hand describes having a visceral and intuitive sense of the "flow of time through probability space", being able to consistently identify different "timelines". The user will claim to be able to manipulate these timelines using SC🅱-12. When asked to demonstrate this ability, they will wave SC🅱-12 around aimlessly, making "woosh" sounds. Seconds to months later, the timeline changes become evident.

In the words of the users, "throwing the spinner against a timeline" will result in the probability of that timeline occuring becoming 0. Regardless of any attempts made to cause that timeline to play out, there is inevitably some point where the universe shifts to make the alternative timeline true. For example, when the user uses the spinner in this manner to effecitvely "command" someone to do something they say they would never do, then this tends to result in some major paradigm altering religious experience for that someone, resulting in them doing it anyway. The description of the process by users is often vague, to the point that the following schematics are all that can be ascertained about the operation of the spinner:
Timeline cut explanation scb12

The process of cutting a timeline. Click to zooms.

Timeline split explanation scb12

This is where the spinner splits a timeline instead of cut. The 🅱 stands for Bifurcation.

"Throwing SC🅱-12 right along the middle of a timeline" results in two separate timelines that are in some sense opposite to one another. While these timelines usually do not exhaust all timelines on could conceive of, it appears to be impossible to enter a future where neither timeline is realized.

As ██████████████████ of ██████ has been terminated, it is unclear how or why the Spinner was created. Efforts to disassemble it for investigation have proven useless, but magical scans indicate a constant time-flux within, which hints that an entire seperate reality might be contained in it.

Research into using SC🅱-12 as a clock is ongoing...

SC🅱-12 in action. Captain Autoania uses the Spin of Fate to destroy a timeline where thots take over the universe.(Related to Test 31-02)