An Artists rendition of SC🅱-13

Item #: SC🅱 -13

Object Class: DWAI

Special Containment Procedures: None. SC🅱-13 is stationed in site  ██'s dormitory. Standard commodities are to be provided. As of time of writing, all testing has been suspended (See Addendum A)

Description: SC🅱-13 is a brown-haired human female in her early 20's and goes by the name of Yumi-chan. SC🅱-13 seems to have been born with both male and female reproductive organs and seems to have a slightly above average sex drive. No other anomalies have been detected thus far. Further testing is required to see if the genetic anomaly is inheritable.

Acquisition: SC🅱-13 was recruited by ████████ in ██████████, Dwaia, after local rumors of a "Lady with a cock" started spreading in town. Since recruitment, morale of staff stationed on site ██ has increased by 25%

Addendum A: Note by Dr.Venom

This is the third time a box of pizza was stolen from my office. And i don't appreciate you fuckers protecting this petty thief. So until someone comes forth, apologizes and replaces the stolen pizza, all "testing" with SC🅱-13 is suspended indefinitely.