Scb 14 hidden in deep grasses

SC🅱-14 hidden deep within the grasslands of Grassia.

SC🅱-14 is a egg whose shape is a perfect sphere (also known as a spheg). It has a unusually high meme value, without negative side effects. However, when the meme juice is extracted, the spheg teleports away to an unknown location, usually deep in the jungle. Thus the power of the spheg can only be used by the strongest meme finders.

The appearance of the spheg is misleading, as at first inspection it appears to be covered in dimples, and therefore not to be a perfectly spherical egg. This is however a defense mechanism, an illusion, and a meme. There is a common notion that when one looks at a perfect blue sky, one begins to see floaters, and that when one listens to a perfect silence or watches a perfect void, the mind starts to imagine things. This notion is so common it can be considered a meme, and thus the spheg can conjure it to disguise itself as a dimpled egg. Though his is not very useful as golf does not exist on Dwaia, and cows will eat random shit regardless.