Item #: SC🅱-169

Object Class: 🅱eter

Special Containment Procedures: Is to be kept at all times within a reinforced triple steel door concrete room lined with mirrors on all walls, the ceiling and the floor so that SC🅱-169 can observe itself at all times. A one-way mirror was placed on the eastside of the chamber for scientists to observe its movement and behavior. SC🅱-169 is not to be tested upon, as all testing has been ceased from the first and last test’s results, which is to say that sufficient knowledge has been gathered to understand SC🅱-169’s abilities. Every three days SC🅱-169 is to be fed a class-D personnel through a two-door hatch system in the ceiling, but only after the one-way mirror has been closed and all sound deafened for reasons of maintaining mental health of staff.  

Description: SC🅱-169 is a hulking mass of infinitely changing bulk and masculine hormones. It does this to fit in with the forever changing ludacrisly high standards of beauty. SC🅱-169 bears traits of a Cancerous Tumor, which makes scientists believe that it was once a tumor before a chad mutation of sorts happened. SC🅱-169 only wears neon-colored headbands, polo-shirts and tank tops, and sport shorts. Scientists are yet to discover how its clothes are not ripped apart by its infinitely changing muscular shape which presumably stretch the clothes to its max.   

SC🅱-169 has the special ability to make anyone fall in love with its shape. Its touch is enough to make you [INFORMATION REDACTED] your entire body weight's worth of [INFORMATION REDACTED] (which is a pretty fucking disgusting sight.) after the body has turned to a disgusting pile of mush of bone, gore, flesh and [INFORMATION REDACTED], it feeds upon the remains and afterwards resumes looking at itself intensely in the mirrors around the room.

Document C-56: This is the only test that has been done with SC🅱-169. It was to test its anomalous effects, but it was enough to send 7 scientists into infinite PTSD therapy because of it:

Dr. Eggnog: b-955 Please enter the test-chamber when you feel ready.

b-955 enters the chamber after breaking down in tears three times. As soon as the ceiling hatch closes SC:B: -169 seems to wake up from its daily staring at itself. It notices b-955 and immediately starts chanting something in an unknown language. This clearly makes b-955 uncomfortable as blood starts to pour out of both his ear canals. It is a combination of slurping noises and tongue clicks as far as the scientists could make out.

Dr. Eggnog: b-955 please approach the SCb slowly.

b-955 takes a step towards SCb-169 and triggers a reaction. In a single second, SCb-169 jumps into the air and spins violently towards b-955 while emitting loud moaning sounds. As soon as SCb -169 makes contact it [INFORMATION REDACTED]

dr. eggnog: OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK- [The scientist, along with all 6 of his employees all enter an uncontrollable hurling episode]

The scientists were immediately evacuated from the testing area after an agonizing 5-minutes. They described the noise as a flurry of sawblades, chainsaws, moans, flesh and bone tearing and loud anguish.