The Super Cool Bois (SC🅱) categorize the items they keep according to they LoA (Level of Annoyance). They are, from lowest to highest:


DWAI (Don't worry about it)

U Clit


🅱roke Edit

This category is assigned to SC🅱's that are either too lazy to work or that are actually 🅱roken.

DWAI (Don't worry about it) Edit

As the name implies, items categorized under DWAI shouldn't be worried about. They are inconsequential in the greater Plan of Azaius Botatio, which may or may not exist. DWAI SC🅱's are often used as equipment by the Bois, sold for profit or forgotten about because they are fucking boring.

U Clit Edit

Named after the first thing Dr.Venom shouted after he stubbed his toe on SC🅱-05, items in this category might posses sentience that actively works to make people lose their cool. For convenience's sake, testing on U Clit SC🅱s may only be done by 🅱-class personnel. They are also to be kept away from society, as no-one should have their day ruined by semi-sentient Chairs.

🅱eter Edit

Named after SC🅱-🅱, 🅱eter-class is reserved for SC🅱s that can fuck you up something good. And we're not talking just japed or beaned, we're talking full on bamboozled.