SUCCUUS is the result of a genetic cloning experiment gone wrong. Due to his mental retardation levels being so fucking high, he only reacts when people call him by his name, pronounced literally in all caps, as if you where yelling at him. His creation came about when Dr. V felt like doing a cloning experiment on himself, which involved broken machinery (which was unknown to him at the time of the experiment), when he opened the doors to the chamber, he'd be faced with the horrors of his creation, A FUCKING RETARDED CLONE!

SUCCUUS has terrorized many towns and cities with his retardation and poor handling of experimental weaponry that he took from Dr. V's lab. SUCCUUS has caused Dr. V many frustrations, as he tends to wonder out of the lab with experimental weaponry very often, which causes Dr. V to spend time away from his work.

Current Location: Unknown


  • The name SUCCUUS is a direct misspelling of the word Succubus.

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