Sewage (scientific notation: Aq↓) is the Regressive or Trashified form of the base element Water. It is an element itself, and plays and important function in the biology of Trash based lifeforms. Namely, together with Blood, it forms the Vile Bile, used for trashal micro-nutrient diffusion.

Properties Edit

Distilled Sewage appears as a yellowish green liquid of medium viscosity and stickiness. It exudes an overwhelmingly pungent toe-like odor. This is actually because the toe body produces a thin layer of Sewage on its surface, which works as an antibiotic. Distilled Sewage may also produce a faint gurgling sound. This is because Sewage is unstable the more it is purified, as it needs to bond with other trash elements. So trace elements of Burp and Trash teleport into it, causing bubbles, rumbling and undulation. The Sewage may even appear to be crawling toward sources of Trash, with an eerie sentient appearance. But don't be afraid, this is simple magnetism. As for the taste of distilled Sewage, no one has tried yet, and do you really want to know?