The Skeleton, known by various nicknames (such as Skellington, Skelton, Skurl, Skelly, Boneman, Boner, Rattler, Spoop, Calsium-person or One of Those Things that Everypeople Got in They Bodies but These Ones is Outside and That Aint Cool,) is the most common form of Skeletal. Skurls do not contain Bo and thus require magic to become animated (not the entertainment kind but the living kind.) Many skeltons and other Skeletals reside in The Bone Zone, Occeia, and Evil Land.

While this article focuses on Human skellies, the most common calcium-based death form, all other species of vertebrates by definition have skeletons within them as well. Some of these other flavours of rattler are comparable in prevalence, such as the Skeleton Cyclops. Other notable brands of Skeletal include:

Resurrection Edit

Resurrected either on purpose by a Cromancer or accidentally by lingering magicks, the Boneman absorbs any nearby free soul (usually, but not always, the original soul of the corpse) and does a resurrect. Humans killed in magical areas tend to immediately become a boner and rise(heh) out of their flesh.

Skeleton Life Edit

All Skeletons, upon birth, feel compelled to migrate to the lands of The Bone Zone and Osseia. Why this occurs is poorly understood, though <insert self-important philospher man here> once posited that perhaps bone beings are attracted to the highest bone concentrations.

As an example, just like normal life, skeltons living in both Boners and Ossea have social security numbers (Called social bone numbers) and credit cards (Calcium cards). One time some faggot decided to take a lot of pictures of both the known and lesser known spoops in both countries and published it to show that bone men live just as fun lives as humans.

Similar to in Human societies, thiccer skeltons have deeper bonks and are therefore more respected in their boney community.

Skills Edit

Bonemen are dangerously charismatic. In fact, a skellington's tongue would be silver, if they had a tongue. In addition to this they have numerous skills, including:

  • Rattle: The skellington rattles its bones. Does nothing, though a bit spoopy to some. Frequently utilized as a form of communication.
  • Spoop: Boneman spoops a victim, be it a friendly or a bad. This is not always intentional.
  • Confuse: Effect(s) unkown as they are too confusing to understand.
  • Ossify: By far the most powerful of the natural boner abilities; the skurl may calcify other living beings with a single touch. This innate magical power gives rise to a unique form of dark arts called bone magic.

However, not all of them are a bad. The land of Osseia is full of good spoops, for entrample.

Notable calsium-persons Edit

SKELBONE is a important and quite power specimen of the OoTTtEGiTBbTOiOaTAC species.