Spatakiller's arrival Edit

A mad genetic scientist, determined to further improve his ultimate Cro Waifu (The Queen Cro), and the various other Monster Girls he created. He Appeared in Dwaia on his crow filled floating island Floaty Cro Place in 1169 AP, after the last location no longer added to his research. Due to the high concentration of crows on his island he inadvertently caused the Great Crow Crisis. It involved great havoc and fugging due to the crows higher than average intelligence and the Cro's "allure" from the genetic experiments conducted by Spata. Having encountered this problem many times before the Crisis was quickly ended with with the Queen Cro's advisement, Bois, and several loaves of bread.

Making peace after the Crisis Edit

While the damage to the infrastructure of Dwaia was mostly left untouched, many crops, memes, and blepis were damaged. After much discussion with the Democratic Democracy of Democratia, Spatakiller offered to share his research and became Chief Genetic Engineer. Spatakiller and his crow/Cros was part of the Big Decision of 1171 and was one of the key reasons why BOBABB was formed. With Spata becoming Chief Genetic Engineer there were many improvements to Crops, Memes, and overall health of citizens of Dwaia.

Involvement with SC🅱 Edit

While being in Dwaia for a while Spatakiller noticed many anomalies and oddities. As being part of Democratic Democracy of Democratia he had caught wind of people deciding to form an organization called SC🅱. After joining in on the memes, he became one of the founding members and Chief Scientist of SC🅱. Spata formed his own Genetic research facility in Site █ having many of his Cros and monster girls stationed there as his staff. While not strictly restricted to Site █ Spata's staff for the most part stays in Site █, though there have been some incidents with some mischievous Cros (see Addendum).

Addendum: Spatakiller and the Mischievous Cros

While most of my staff do an exemplary job there are a few who contribute less then others. 
I do my best to keep most of the staff well behaved there are a few jokers in the crowd. The 
most recent event I believe they were involved with is the suspension of testing with 
SC🅱-13. Oh, the reason why I believe this well shortly before the test suspension I spotted 
a group of of Cros know for mischief leaving site. I also found some off site made pizza 
boxes with talon on them in the dorms communal trash. So until I find more it seems that I 
wont be able to do any further testing on SC🅱-13.

Looming Cros Edit

Since Spata has taken residence there has been a huge boom to the crow population. They are everywhere please help, i can feel them watching me, constantly cawing always perching in my tree. I swear I saw one like a meter and a half big, its only a matter of time...