Speticus Centron Edit

Speticus Centron is a country completely surrounded by swamplands, at it's center lies an inactive volcano. Being separated from the rest of the lands, located somewhere in the far oceans. The current population is 3,000(approximately, human) people, Including an unknown number of other Species and 170,000 Lamia Species (All have been accounted for). Due to its being a swampland, high amounts of humidity and heat are noticeably felt, there is also usually high amounts of rain.

One of Speticus' most notable features is its volcano, which is located directly at the center of the Island. It has been said that this volcano finished its eruption stage 1 Million years ago, so it is presumed to be safe for the inhabitants to visit. Due to the volcano being one of the highest points of the island, most people usually visit the upper parts every day, as the temperatures are cooler there.

The Lamia species and Humans coexist happily along side each other. There are no recorded cases of there ever being disputes between them. However, Lamias' tend to get aggressive during mating season, but the human males don't seem to mind much ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Speticus is well known for how much its people are willing to go through just to avoid conflict, as they've never had any wars. Since its creation, Speticus has been a peaceful nation.

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