Xzyckon likes to make really fucked up ">when you" quotes as a means to get some cheap shock value. It's something that he has been doing recently and it's really fucking dumb. Now, what is important about this information? Well, while on one of his expeditions across the lands of Dwaia he came across Edgeon where he was greeted with way too much fucking anime and a bunch of people screaming Japanese words in high pitched voices. There was also a pungent stench of ejaculate in the air due to all of the hentai comics which had essentially turned into stone from the amount of times the locals used it as cum storage.

It would seem that this would have not of been a problem so long as you didn't call their waifus trash or say "anime bad" but no. See, the people of Edgeon think that they are all edgy and seem to think that they are cool because of it, but in actuality all they do is say the same stagnant "edgy" memes over and over again which have so far been the only edgy things that they have become desensitised to.