The Bone Zone is a large area filled with brimstone, graveyards, cursed dirt fields and a couple of Bone Towers. The area is primarily used to house Dwaia's steadily increasing population of spooky Spoops. Ontop of making sure all skrilltons get a nice spooky place to live, it also keeps the average spook-levels down in the rest of Dwaia.

History Edit

The Establishment Edit

The concept of The Bone Zone came from a peace treaty debate between the Council of Evil Land and the Skeletal Overlords. After the Coin Incident in 3.5 AP, an unsurprising amount of Skeletons began emerging. The early established towns of Dwaia after the incident didn't have the capacity to house the growing calciumic demographic, and so the higher authorities at the time made the decision to send the Skelltons to Evil Land. This increase in calcium immigration caused a major clash between the newcomers and the xenophobic populus of Evil Land. Protests broke out all throughout the country and only added to the already extreme heretical chaos in Evil Land, only this time the chaos wasn't caused by the original Evil Land residence and therefore made them mad. Before a Total Civil War broke out, the Skeletal Overlords stepped forward and asked the Council of Evil Land for a compromise. The conclusion of this was the establishment of The Bone Zone, an area designed to hold nigh-infinite amounts of skeletons and dirt for graveyards. This created a lot of job opportunities and better workflow between the two populations and over time resulted in a united Evil Land, instead of one in Total Anti-Peace.

Beef with Osseia Edit

X-amount of time after Osseia became an officially licensed place, another civil war broke out in the boney community. According to officials, Osseia is actively brainwashing the population of The Bone Zone and is telling them that Osseia is such a great place compared to the Bone Zone. Multiple officials have been sent there to see for themselves but nobody has returned yet.