The Museum of Shitpost is a landmark that resides within the outskirts of Autoania. Here, only the best shitposts of Dwaia are archived and put on display for people to bathe in the chaotic incantations of the mentally "gifted".

The art that is presented within the museum is not limited to one type either; whether it be a picture, literature, a video, music, digital or physical it can potentially become a shit of the greats. We even have some SCBs contained around here.[unconfirmed] Down below is a list of current entries:

Images (4/4)

Krezy Faese.png (Coemgenus, Xzyckon)
Pareidolic Helvetti.png (Xzyckon)
Stupid Doggo.png (Xzyckon)
Stupid fucking car turned into a ball lmao.gif (Xzyckon)

Literature (2/2)

25 Facks about the Coconutal Blody (Xzyckon)
GrEgOrY pLuS kAtNiSs 4 eVaR (Xzyckon)