The cube, seen in a desert setting.

This rather bland object somehow manages to manifest a fair bit of spite towards those who inhabit Dwaia. It is assumed to be about half a meter cubed, in size.

Location- Edit

It is uncertain where exactly the limits of where it can appear are because, it has managed to be found all through-out the world.

Description of heard events: Edit

It seems to appear to those who are lost, or looking for something. It calls out, promising pure unadulterated happiness, but if the being were to look away - even for a brief moment - it will vanish, leaving only a deep seated burl of depression within the beings mind.

No one to date has been able to capture the cube. This may, at first, seem strange considering it isn't too difficult to stare at a single object while moving towards it, but due to a combination of 'defense mechanisms' the cube is actually quite difficult to obtain.

it first will appear at quite the distance, usually half of the beings eye-sight. Then as it is being stared at, will cause all manner of distractions to manifest, just barely within the beings peripherals. The distractions could be anything, from scantly clad women (or men), jewels, or perhaps dangers, such as vicious beasts or a speeding arrow. Sights are usually accompanied with sound, giving all distractions a feeling of being quite real.

-Editaters note: Its probably actually just a very bland and angry cuboid.