The spires are the tall constructs at the corners of Dwaia. There are eight of them, and each one has three faces, which each extend from the three sides of Dwaia that meet at that corner. The spires are of infinite length, yet the tips of the points extend out as far as the side length of Dwaia. Their appearance makes the faces of Dwaia seem to be almost octagonal in shape, which is significant to the Cult of 8. The spires support the dimensions that collapsed inwards when Azai broke everything, and their infinite length stems from them extending into the 4th dimension of Dwaia, which some call "True Dwaia".

They are the source of the mystical energy that pervades each face of Dwaia. This energy flows from the tips down the three faces, and is distinct for each face, with the edge being a sharp, distinctive line between them. Each face has four spires that exude this energy, and it is at its purest here as it is recently emerged and has not yet faded away. This makes the spires the purest source of Dwaian elements, towards the center of the faces of Dwaia they lose significance and the power dulls.

Atop each spire stands an eighth of Demi, who has been there since the Beginning. The cult of 8 makes an annual pilgrimage along the spires, where the fufilled join with the Demi eighths. As they travel, dressed in robes the colour of their face of origin, they face many perils, such as assassins of rival groups, such as the Order of 4. When they do join with their destined Demi eighth (also called demi-Demi) Demi, they all step together between the spires in order to try and further understand them. How exactly the demi-Demis manage to stand on an infinitely thin point of an infinite spire is also unknown to this day.