As you might expect, it's kind of difficult to keep track of time if your sun and moon are always in the same spots in the sky due to locked square orbits. People really have to think outside of the box to solve their problems. Here are 5 creative ways people keep track of time on Dwaia:

number one Edit

There are these small bug creatures called tock-ticks which, when you put them close to your ear, you can hear them counting really fast. Amazingly, all of these tock-tick count in exact unison regardless of how far away from each other they are. It takes some practice, but once you're used to it, you can use this to sync up your time with everyone else who uses this system.

How to read the time from a tock-tick:

  1. Put your ear to the tock-tick. It will sound like "5950381429 seconds until he comes, he will tear the land, 5950381428 seconds until he comes, he will flay our minds, 5950381427 seconds until he comes, his name is..."
  2. Ignore the ominous doomsday warnings.
  3. Now you know the time!

number two Edit

You can also just guess the time. If you're a little too late for a meeting, it's alright. Just say you passed a pair of chicken fetuses from your nose. Eveyone hates when that happens to them and knows how uncomfortable it is, so they won't ask further questions.

number three Edit

Buy a slave to count for you. Slaves are perfectly legal in Dwaia, and even encouraged in some regimes. If you're worried about the social stigma, pretend he's your friend. If people ask why he's counting, say he's mentally disabled. If people say there's no such mental disorder, run.

number four Edit

time yolk

5 Edit

Well you know you could always just get a clock.