The trash horse is a species of large rodent, present in both the natural and artificial sewer caves of Dwaia. With an adult height of around 1.8 meters, they are unusually large compared to normal sewer dwellers, placing them among the classification of Sewer Giants. (See also: Garbosaurus, Totallossus, Elephart)

Just like other rodents, they are able to contort their bodies to fit through small holes. A 1.8 meter tall trash horse can fit snugly through a toilet paper core.* This is made possible by the finely subdivided nature of the trash horse skeleton, boasting exactly five billion bones.[who the fuck counted this?] When the trash horse snakes through a small hole, all of it's bones shift allowing the body to take a shape known as "horse spaghetti".

Eliminating Trash Horses Edit

In the case of a trash horse infestation, there are several ways of getting rid of the horses. However, do NOT use a mouse trap. If you place a mousetrap in front of the horse hole, the horse will be killed while getting out of the hole, still in its horse spaghetti form. Then the horse immediately releases all of its muscles, quickly expanding, causing a rupture of the entire body. The viscera sprays outward, along with the 5 billion bones, at supersonic speed, destroying the house and immediate neighbourhood instantly.

Instead, Dwaian Pest Control recommends the use of naturally occurring pesticides, as well as specially crafted horse traps, that can only be triggered by full size horses (classic guillotine style, or modern style with anti-horse matter).

Trivia Edit

  • In level one of the Dwaia Game, if you look closely, you can see that one of the starting enemies is in fact not a rat, but a trash horse in a corset.

*This is one of the reasons that Azaius Botatio extracted the concept of the toilet paper core from the universe, because otherwise the trash horses might hide in there and when the time is right they crawl up your butt. no need to thank me