Waifus are one of the at least 150 base elements of Dwaia. Their official classification is "Base Energybo", meaning they manifest as simple lifeforms that are imbued with the element of energy. Because of this, they are attuned to the many mystical energies in the universe, and often develop latent magical powers at around the age of 16.

Anti-waifus Edit

As all other elements, waifus are paired with an anti-element: anti-waifus, more colloquially known as villains. Waifus battle villains in a never ending futile effort. Because they are elements, the only way for waifus and anti-waifus to be destroyed is to annihilate the two with each other. Furthermore, the nature of an element cannot be changed. So, either the heroine sacrifices herself to save the world, or she and the villain both somehow survive and the screen fades to black, after which a text reading "To be continued" appears on the screen.

Commercialization Edit

Waifus often have a camera crew surrounding them because their teenage drama is of the most refined fidelity, meaning even one episode of their struggles can sell for a piece of lint. Most of the revenue is made from members of a 13-17 year-old demographic in Edgeon, who pretend it's way deeper than it really is:

"I remember episode 2312 so vividly. When Sukkuko stumbled into her crush, while running for school, with a piece of bread in her mouth, that really resonated with me. I saw myself stumbling into my own deepest fears, while running for my responsibilities and honor, carrying so much baggage that it feels like there's a piece of bread in my mouth. Because when there's bread in your mouth, you can't talk. And when you can't talk, it all just piles up. I ate soup with a spoon with a jiblet on it that night, to drown out my heartache."

- Anonymous Edgean