Origin Edit

Xzyckon started life as a sphere of energy that formed within the thick clouds above Autoania's inner counties. However during his formation he caught "the energy" in an extremely rare event where an atom of autoanium collides with a spiritual entity. This resulted in Xzyckon's spirit emitting amounts of energy in a constant repeating fluctuating pattern which is what causes him to glow from red to violet.

Energy Edit

Xzyckon is powered by autoanium which is relatively common within Autoania's depths, enough so that it can sustain him so long as he stays there. This is one of the reasons why he doesn't often travel to over places unless if it's another town within the outskirts. He will sometimes visit the inner counties just to bathe in the chaos to regenerate lost energy.

With enough energy Xzyckon is able to manifest physical and spiritual entities from his shitposts, both accidentally or with intent. This has often started phases to occur within Autoania; more noticeably the Turmion, the Het Gut/Banos Phase and the Italian Giygas Phase, which is more commonly referred to as Yokosmak's Reign.

This energy he generates through autoanium is different to the standard energy that he uses for more fundamental processes. So Xzyckon doesn't require it to survive, he just requires it in order to have these abilities.

Personality Edit

Xzyckon has a volatile personality, easily excited and often exploding in hyperactive outbursts. He is also quite self-aware and will often- oh hey, there's a wiki article about me. Hey Xanthar watch this... dfgeplt54pytiopreutpog54ioy5riytgkortyko5rmknoitykeujmkfEGGSEGGSEGGSEGGSEGGSEGGSpooshitPOOSHITpooshitPOOSHITjeffFOOTLETTUCEijijijjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjLMAOxd this IP has been blocked.

Xzyckon labels himself as a 'geological anarchist', a term that he bases off of his fascination between how the inner mechanisms of the planet work and how objects deform when forces are applied to them.

"Have you ever witnessed what Nature can do to a planet? The convection currents, the water erosion, the friction between plates. She takes her time with this but when you see these seemingly immovable features fall due to this dynamic system she has created how can you not be at least impressed?" - Xzyckon when questioned about his fascinations

His sense of humour runs on a mix of lol random, absurd, obscure, and edgy humor. In other words the more absurd or obscure the concept is the funnier it is to him, with Xzyckon often referencing really obscure media from the late 90's to early or mid 2000's and integrating them with his own memes.

But despite all of this, Xzyckon does have a calm side and can control himself when the situation calls for it. In this state his is actually quite rational and pleasant to talk to, especially when talking in a subject that he has experience in. He is usually like this whenever he visits places outside of Autoania or within it's outskirts where his energy is limited and consequences are on the line. Xzyckon also knows when he is about to lose his shit and so will travel to Anarchoshire to release himself or to watch the roaring cloud wall where Anarchoshire ends and the Thunderdome begins.

Musical Taste Edit

Xzyckon will like anything that he can passionately tap into, generally seeking out high energy and intricate patterns in music. More specifically however, Xzyckon likes listening to metal, dubstep, DnB, hardcore and hardbass. He does not like royalty free music, pop, lo-fi hip hop or anything that he considers "too chill". Everything else he has a neutral stance upon.

Body Edit

Xzyckon possesses a mech like body, known as an avatar, to navigate and interact with the world and people around him properly. Along side him is his friend Xanthar; an avatar who is much more stable than Xzyckon but in return isn't as creative.

Noticeable Features Edit

  • Xzyckon's avatar has a hollow 'X' shaped structure extending from the back of the torso which he can blow air out of to produce low frequencies. It can fold in on itself to not get in the way when navigating through tight spaces.
  • Along side this Xzyckon also has tymbals spaced across the sides of his abdomen which he also uses to produce noises, this time as high frequencies.
  • His core, where his actual spirit is contained within, takes on the shape of a dice which can exit the torso and fly around independently. It is the size of a regular human heart. The rest of his avatar automatically deactivates when he does this and will only re-activate with that specific shape of core.

Home Edit

Xzyckon has a physical house located within Knebworth where he can actually participate in a community. He considers Autoania's inner counties as his playground where he is free to release his hyperactivity since it is already a hellhole in there.

Occupation Edit

Due to Xzyckon's immunity to the environment within the inner counties of Autoania, he along with Xanthar are considered to be valuable trashmen which is what their current occupation is. Xzyckon has also been a meme farmer before, he hopes to one day become a geologist of Dwaia.

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Quotes Edit

  • "I shit therefore I am."
  • "And remember kids, never shit more than twice a day."
  • "Do I look like the kind of person who would sideways helix into a cell membrane?"
  • "Your face looks like a j-beam structure."
  • "What physics engine does this "Real Life" game run on? Also how do I mod it?"

Trivia Edit

  • Xzyckon is the only avatar who has "the energy", this would later be diagnosed as ADHD.
  • Xzyckon has a slight hatred for water and will go into a psychotic episode if any liquid is spilled onto any of his belongings that are not hydrophobic or are electronic.
  • Xzyckon's crest structure is a reference to the mech shown on the cover art of Linkin Park's "Reanimation" album.
  • Xzyckon has been known to glow white in times of intense concentration, he also releases small amounts of ionising radiation when in this state.
  • Xzyckon sometimes has night terrors about shitting himself due to, quote on quote, "the bukamen whispering things to his sphincter" even though he possesses an avatar which does not even have a fucking digestive system. This is suspected to be a long term memetic effect caused by studying the bukamen.